Straight from Uma's Kitchen

Straight from Uma's Kitchen

Chayote Pepper Fry

Chayote/chocho is originally native to Mesoamerica. It has been introduced as a crop worldwide. This fruit is known to a slightly sticky substance when peeled. While this substance is completely nontoxic, it may irritate sensitive skin. I have learned the tips to remove the sticky substance from my grandma that I have mentioned here with the clear picture. After that process get finished, you can cook chayote as per your wish.

How to prepare Chayote ?

cut the chayote horizontally into two halves.
Gently rub the two halves together in a circular motion.
White foam like substance will be excreted while rubbing that.

Remove the substance using knief.
(Removing the substance make the vegetable crunchy & non_sticky)
Wash the chayote in cold water/running cold water.
Cut into pieces.(Julienne Cutting is preferable)

Virgin coconut oil-1 spoon
mustard seeds -1/2 spoon (optional)
Black pepper powder -1 spoon
Salt for taste

Preparation Method
After removing the sticky substance from chayote,peel the skin & remove the seed
Chop them into small pieces
Heat the pan and drop one spoon coconut oil
Temper mustard seeds
Add chopped chayote
Saute for a while
Add needed salt and mix well
cover with Lid and simmer for 8-10 minutes
(No need to add water)
Turn off the stove after chayote is well cooked
Add black pepper powder and mix well
Easy & Tasty Chayote/chocho pepper fry is ready to eat.

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