Straight from Uma's Kitchen

Straight from Uma's Kitchen

Hibiscus Juice

Hibiscus Juice

Its a Bright Red Juice and it has a Tangy flavour.
Health Benefits Of Hibiscus:
Good For Heart
Fights Cancer
Boosts Energy
Good For Hair
Blood Pressure Management
Protects Liver
Wait Loss

Boiling Water-250 Ml
Hibiscus Flowers-4
Sugar- 2 tspn
Lemon- 1/2

Preparation Method:

Pour Boiling water in a cup.

Add 8-10 /hibiscus petals in a cup.

Close with the lid and keep it for half an hour.

After half an hour remove the lid & remove the petals.

The juice color became dark .

Add half lemon juice in that.

Now the juice color became Bright Red. 🙂

Add enough Sugar for taste.

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