Straight from Uma's Kitchen

Straight from Uma's Kitchen

Traditional & Tasty Egg Fry

Traditional & Tasty Egg Fry

This is one of my Favourite recipes that I have learned from my mother. And she has learned this recipe from one old woman (Grandma) when she was young.
The taste of the recipe is ultimately Good. You can feel the aroma in every Bite. I think the hand squeezed tomato juice and fennel seeds are the secret ingredients of this recipe. Hope you will enjoy 🙂

Boiled Eggs – 3

Fresh Pepper Powder – 1 spoon

Fennel Seeds powder- 1 spoon

Squeezed Tomato Juice – 2 spoons

Oil – 1 spoon

Salt – for taste

Preparation Method

Squeeze one tomato and keep the juice aside.

Boil the eggs and & peel the shell.

Slightly slit the eggs vertically.

Heat pan.

pour one spoon oil.

Add pepper powder , fennel seeds powder in that.

Add squeezed tomato juice and salt together.

saute for a minute.

Add boiled eggs in that.

Keep tossing until all the sides are coated evenly.

Traditional & Tasty Egg fry is ready.

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